Thank you, participants of ICIM-5!

After having been delayed twice due to COVID-related issues, 215 colleagues from 24 countries gathered at the University of Vienna’s Biology Building from August 2nd until August 8th, 2022, to present their recent work and discuss all things invertebrate. We, the organizers, felt that after more than 2 years it was a relief to be able to get together in person again, and feedback from many participants confirmed our impression. That said, we remain deeply sorry for the ongoing war in Ukraine that prevented numerous colleagues to come to Vienna and celebrate invertebrate morphology with us. Let us all hope that this human crisis will be settled soon.

A big thank you to everyone, including our numerous sponsors, who attended and made ICIM-5 such a great success. A big shout-out to Felipe Aguilera and colleagues for their kind offer to host ICIM-6, 2025, in Chile. We are very much looking forward to the first ICIM conference in South America. See you all there.

Stay safe and keep up the exciting work.

Andi Wanninger and the ICIM-5 organizing committee


Following its predecessors in Moscow (2017), Berlin (2014), Harvard (2011), and Copenhagen (2008), the 5th International Congress on Invertebrate Morphology (ICIM-5) is hosted by the University of Vienna during the second week of August, 2022. The congress is organized on behalf of the International Society for Invertebrate Morphology (ISIM) by the Unit for Integrative Zoology (Department of Evolutionary Biology, Faculty of Life Sciences), headed by Andreas Wanninger. The overarching theme of ICIM-5 is the evolution of the exceptional diversity of forms and structures found in extant and extinct invertebrate animals. Special topics of the congress include evolutionary and developmental zoology, phylogenetics, paleontology, neurobiology, genomics, functional morphology, as well as methodological innovations in microscopy and imaging. We are proud that we were able to recruit an exquisite selection of renowned experts on these topics as invited speakers.

For the first time in the history of ICIM, we dedicate a discussion forum to a current hot topic in biological research: the evolution of multicellularity. The goal of this session is to discuss our current understanding as to how metazoans evolved from a unicellular ancestor based on three invited talks that will tackle this issue using different approaches.

The Vienna meeting will continue the successful tradition of the past ICIM congresses and we invite everyone with an interest in invertebrate animals to come to Vienna and to present and discuss their work. After all, it is the diversity of participants practicing intellectual exchange that fosters scientific progress. We, the organizers, wholeheartedly welcome you to Vienna.

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We have become aware that phishing emails are circulating in connection with hotel bookings for ICIM5.
Invited speakers and delegates may have been contacted and asked for payment information.
Please never react to these emails and certainly do not disclose any credit card or other payment information. Eventmanagement of the University of Vienna is  responsible exclusively for the hotel bookings at ICIM5.